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Disq Offers Razor Sharp Indie Rock on Collector


The Midwest has always had a great collective of indie rock bands. Looking back twenty or thirty years to today, it shouldn’t be a shocker that Disq comes from the same part of the country. On their new album Collector the four piece quickly proves that they’re not just carrying the tradition, they’re a fervent part of it as well.

The opening track “Daily Routine” has the kind of big guitar drive that made bands like The Replacements household names. Couple that with additional piano and group vocals and you’re left with an album opener that you won’t soon forget. Where “I’m Really Trying” is bookmarked with touches that taste like nineties college radio rock, the way the band employs that sound feels like they’re going for broke. The instruments are in your face without being abrasive and the vocals stay with you after they’re sung. “Fun Song 4” is a bit off the beaten path, while “I Wanna Die” brings back all the youthful energy with a dark steer that lingers close to a cliff’s edge.

But the whole alum isn’t just feedback and deep riffs. Songs like “Loneliness” and “Trash” sway with acoustic tones and a deep and passionate touch. There’s a nice balance between the brash guitars of the album’s bulk and these softer songs that show the depth of the band. Both work well, but our favorite of the ten songs came on “Gentle.” The swirling guitar that sears between the well placed drums and the matter of fact vocals have the colors that paint a picture as the song careens and builds. When the chorus comes in, there’s almost an explosion of sound that stays with you well after you hear it. Disq is certainly doing their own thing on Collector, even if it may remind you of what indie rock used to be at the same time.

Collector is ready to purchase on multiple physical formats directly from Saddle Creek Records. It’s ready to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase in all digital outlets. Disq is on tour April 03 at Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, IA until September 03 at End of the Road Festival in Salisbury, UK. The band’s complete tour routing is located here

Image Credits: Photo by Meghan Vieth.



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