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THICK Bring Energy to Debut Full Length


Brooklyn’s THICK have built a fan base off of their mix of indie rock and pop punk while saddling both genres with ease. From their first single four years ago until their debut full length that dropped last week, the band has made their own path with plenty of head bopping energy. With 5 Years Behind though, they escalate that mix into something that should grow their base with anyone who hears the album.

The title track as opener is the best explanation of this mix. With indie rock melody and punk aesthetic, the song roars to life and fills your ears with plenty of energy. When it slows a bit pre-chorus, that mix is evident without steering from the energy of the track. This plays out through the bulk of the eleven songs. “Fake News” is forty eight seconds but it says what it has to say leaving little want in its path. “Home” comes in with plenty of sneer but has the songwriting that’s far past typical punk music.

However, it’s the more indie rock elements mixed with punk here that make the album so noteworthy. “Won’t Back Down” has hints of nineties alt and “Party With Me” is filled with catchy tones and upbeat pacing. The indie rock gaze with punk add ons make the song stand out. However our favorite track came on the punk fueled notes of “Mansplain.” The band adds these indie elements, but the song is more punk than anything else, giving weight to an already well written song.

5 Years Behind is ready to purchase physically directly from Epitaph Records. It can be purchased in all digital outlets or streamed on all platforms. THICK is on tour beginning April 11 at The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall in Berkeley, CA until May 07 at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY. Their complete tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Epitaph Records.



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