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Get to Know the Indie Folk of OKAY ALRIGHT


There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Chicago’s OKAY ALRIGHT. With music moving so quickly, there’s a good chance that there’s a lot of acts you’ve never heard of honestly. With his new album Everything Lost to the Light out now, we think you’ll be taken in by his folk tones and well crafted melodies.

The opener “It Haunts Me, It Hurts Me” has these plucks of banjo mixed with pedal steel that cuddle the vocals in a way that places the song within your head with ease. The craftsmanship here is on another level, while it times it could remind you of early Bright Eyes. That craft continues throughout the album. Songs like “Lying in Roads,” “Morning Glories, Rabbits, and Moon” and “Orcutt” all display an ability to take folk to a new place.

But with these tracks comes pop structures that open the sound of the album to a broader group of ears. We were enthralled with the song “Silver Lining” with its pop pacing and catchy undercurrents of refrain. We were drawn to the meandering back pack camp fire notes of “This Is Our Year,” if not for the way the guitar pulls you closer as the song plays out. But our favorite track comes with “Good Light.” The sparkles of notes that open the song alone take it far from typical folk music. The lull of vocals that come in like a sad memory that mix with the acoustic give the song a heft that lightens with backing female vocals. There’s a lot here on this album to fall for, and more to become a fan of.

Everything Lost to the Light is ready to stream on all streaming platforms. It can be purchased in all digital outlets or physically directly from Okay Alright.

Image Credits: Photo by Timothy Jorgensen.



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