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Yumi Zouma Dazzle on Truth or Consequences


Since 2014, New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma has created some of the most catchy alternative pop music you can stream. Last year when they inked with Polyvinyl Records, it felt like the perfect move for everyone involved. What has emerged is the band’s new album Truth or Consequences. What the album isn’t is boring. What it is tracks more along the lines of one of the best alt pop records in modern music history. With lush arrangements and upbeat structures, the band takes your ears down a path of pure pop ecstasy at every turn.

The album’s opener “Lonely After” is a great example of how well crafted these songs are. The vocals dance in a soft way without being light, the instruments work in tandem to create a tone that’s up enough to dance to and relaxed enough to have on while you work. While the synth pop notes of “Southwark” have an eighties feel and “Cool For A Second” has just enough bounce to stick with you; the album has more than pure pop bliss.

“Sage” holds just enough darkness to see a light at the end. The way the band orchestrates a bump without getting too sugary is masterful and smart. The same could be said about “My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold Your Heart.” The slow pace of the track means that the drops hit harder than if the song was a straight upbeat banger. There’s these little blips of synth that sprinkle throughout and offer a deeper note configuration than you may expect. But while “Right Track/Wrong Man” might be one of the best pop songs to drop in 2020, it’s the album’s closer “Lie Like You Want Me Back” we were most drawn towards. The route here that the band takes mixes the darker refrains without becoming bleak. There’s a bounce in the stride but not so much that you’re drenched in it. It’s the best example of a band creating engaging pop music without sounding fraudulent in the process.

Truth Or Consequence is ready to purchase in multiple formats and bundles directly from Polyvinyl Records. It can also be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital outlets. There are no tour dates for the band at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Jack Sheppard.

David Garrick

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