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New Anna Burch Single is Hard to Beat


In less than a month, Michigan’s Anna Burch will drop her awaited new album If You’re Dreaming. While some of us are counting the days until that occurs, her latest single “Tell Me What’s True” offers up an endearing sound that you can’t step away from. Of course, the video for the song is just as engaging, including a cameo from Stef Chura.

The song has a whimsical and uplifting tone. Burch sounds like a beacon in the darkness here, extending her vocals into a more pervasive way. The sway of her voice between the keys and the drums releases a magical sound that feels organic and almost as if the song is being done in the moment. The bridge offers some of Burch’s best vocals so far, opening the song up like a bird’s wings. The video, featuring Burch playing piano in a bar moves to a friendlier space that looks like home, though that could just be a dream sequence.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream on all platforms. If You’re Dreaming is available for preorder on multiple platforms and in various bundles directly from Polyvinyl Records before it’s March 27 release.

Image Credits: Photo by John Hanson.



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