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The Weeknd Steers Into the Eighties on New Album


It should be noted that an artist like The Weeknd doesn’t need our seal of approval on anything he releases. The truth is that he’s been going strong before us and he will continue that strength after us. There aren’t many acts we can say that about, but he seems to be the real deal. On his new album After Hours, he does a bit of artist reinvention while dipping into eighties tones to come out the other side with another epic release.

The album is lush with tones and synths. It should be explained that the bangers don’t come in immediately on the album, but that’s not a hindrance either. The opening track “Alone Again” has this falsetto vocal that plays with the synths in a way that fees like you’re floating in space. It’s just the beginning of an album full of tracks that steer into multiple spaces while still linking together. The spacey touches continue on “Hardest To Love” before a deep bass comes in and releases a break beat sound that’s on another level. It’s obvious that The Weeknd is stretching out here and it works from the jump.

The production is on point and it shows on tracks like the chill vibes of “Snowchild,” on the ethereal tones of “Heartless” and the intensely built up stark sound of “Escape From LA.” But as we mentioned before, there are some definite bangers here, beginning with the deep synth sounds of “Faith.” It’s not a club track, as The Weeknd takes R&B to a new space by adding plenty of pop hooks. On “In Your Eyes” the sound is closer to Giorgio Moroder while still giving you plenty to get down to. In many ways the album feels like a new period for the artist, while still keeping things on point from start to finish.

After Hours can be purchased in multiple formats and bundles directly from Republic Records. It’s also available to stream on all platforms or it can be purchased digitally from all outlets. The Weeknd is scheduled to appear on tour beginning June 11 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada until November 13 at Accorhotels Arena in Paris, France. Dates are subject to change due to COVID-19. His complete tour dates are located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Anton Tammi.



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