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Father John Misty Drops New Live Album with Proceeds to Musicares


Looking at the state of things in music right now, the phrase “every little bit helps” rings really true. While everyone in the live music industry is feeling the pinch of no gatherings or shows, Father John Misty has decided to help. Releasing a new live album Off-Key in Hamburg, he’s decided to donate all of the sales to the Musicares COVID-19 Relief Fund. The fund and the album are both worth putting money into, helping those most affected by the events surrounding the virus.


Recorded in Hamburg in August of last year, the record covers a lot of ground. While favorites like “Strange Encounter” and “Ballad Of The Dying Man” have a more lush sound, a lot of the songs showcase how strong the singer songwriter is in person. The biggest standout of the twenty songs comes on “Holy Shit” and should be enough to get you to purchase the album.

Off-Key in Hamburg is available to purchase ONLY through Bandcamp and can be located here. You can donate separately to the Musicares Covid-19 Relief Fund here. You can also purchase the music of Father John Misty from Sub Pop Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Emma Tillman.



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