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Bop Along to the New Single From Answering Machine


Brooklyn’s Answering Machine makes the kind of rock that would make The Replacements proud. With plenty of melody, their new single “Cherry Coke” will let you hear what they’re all about. From their forthcoming album Bad Luck, the rock tones are in check here.

With open riffs and plenty of catchy pacing, the way the dual vocals and upbeat sounds work together is priceless. Almost like sixties rock n’ roll, the band sways through with plenty of sounds to hold your ears and keep your attention. The song is catchy but not pop, hook filled but not sugary and should stay with you well after you hear it.

The song is available to stream on all platforms. Bad Luck can be preordered directly from Wiretap Records before its April 17 release.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Earshot Media.



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