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New Single by Flat Worms is Post Punk Gold


Los Angeles trio Flat Worms are no strangers to post punk. It seems that while the genre gains more and more traction in the indie rock world, this band lives and breathes it withing their music. With a new full length Antarctica out in a couple of weeks, their latest single “The Aughts” is post punk gold on multiple levels.

The sorcery here comes in the speedy pacing of the track. The way the drums just clamor underneath the deadpan vocals and melodic guitar is enlightening. There’s no pretension here, just straight ahead in sound without ever looking back. The bass digs in like it’s cutting wood and the song sears like a blinding light when it’s supposed to. It’s all what fans of post punk want without emulating much from the past in the process.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream on all platforms. Antarctica can be preordered on Drag City imprint God? Records on multiple formats ahead of its April 10 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Owen Schmit.



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