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Cable Ties Don’t Relent on New Album


Melbourne’s Cable Ties are not a new band, as they’ve been around for about four years or so. Though coming from a scene rampant in DIY culture, their sound is a mix of punk and seventies proto-punk that’s hard to walk away from. On their new full length Far Enough they bring their eclectic sound to life while never really letting up with the energy of what got them to this point.


This album’s sound is far and away from what you think of when you hear the word punk, but that’s what it is. Somewhere in the seventies, in a place where punk, hard rock and metal intersect, this band’s sound thrives and exists. The biggest standout in their work comes from the vocals. Vocalist Jenny McKechnie has this howl, fierce and strong while still possessing plenty of refined attributes. The vocals throughout the release are unapologetic and without pause. The rhythm section of the band has that kind of Stooges meets Thin Lizzy vibe, but also with a touch of The Jam thrown in. It’s these attributes that make this album stand so strong.

While the opening track “Hope” could get its own article in how diverse it is in structure, the second song “Tell Them Where To Go” is a great starter. The growl between the bass fuzz and the thundering drums is only hair pinned by McKechnie’s vocals. This continues on tracks like “Sandcastles” and “Not My Story.” The band has no issue reminding you of the seventies, but they’re not copying any one thing either. Of the eight tracks, our favorite comes on “Anger’s Not Enough.” The spacey opening, the way the guitar slices like a buzz saw and the drums and bass hit like the soundtrack to a film about storms. The vocals are just as intense, but it’s the way the song is written and arranged to facilitate the vocals piercing through the band’s tone that makes it stand out. Cable Ties are definitely treading their own path, while reminding you of someone else. Of course, what Far Enough proves is that those other band’s didn’t do it quite as precise as this trio does.

Far Enough is ready to purchase on multiple formats directly from Merge Records. It can also be streamed on all streaming platforms or purchased in all digital music stores. The tour for Cable Ties has been postponed due to COVID-19. Their tour dates can be accessed here and all purchased tickets will be honored when rescheduled.

Image Credits: Photo by Lisa Businovski.

David Garrick

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