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Introduce Yourself to LA Based French Group Carre


In the realm of intriguing, there’s plenty of bands that fall into the category. However, intriguing doesn’t always mean catchy either. LA based French trio Carre definitely finds a way to mix the two. On their new single “This Is Not a Band,” they mix dark electronica with catchy hooks to draw your ears.

The music sounds as if it’s coming from a heavy tension based place. The mix of electronics and traditional instruments makes for an intriguing sound. The dual drums definitely help with the depth of the track, while the visual of that makes for a more interesting look. The video looks like something from a futuristic vision of how live music could look in the coming years.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream on all streaming sites. It can also be purchased in all digital outlets. Carre is set to release a self-titled EP this Spring on Nomad Eel Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Patrick Fogarty.



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