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Everything Is Recorded Sounds Astounding on New Single


In many ways, Richard Russell is a renaissance man. The owner of XL Recordings has given us a lot under his project Everything Is Recorded, by releasing some of the most intriguing music going today. With a new book Liberation Through Hearing out this Thursday and a new album Friday Forever out this Friday, his new single “11:55AM/ THIS WORLD” is a track you have to hear for yourself.

The build of the song alone is magical. With vocals from Infinite Coles alongside Maria Somerville, the song has a depth that’s hard to match. The way the vocals seem to embed in your memory as soon as you hear them is masterful. The production between the orchestrations and instruments employed places Russell on another level. The blossoming of the track gives way to sounds rarely heard in such an optimal way.

The single can be heard above or on all streaming platforms. Friday Forever is available for preorder directly from XL Recordings ahead of its release on April 03. Liberation Through Hearing is available for preorder from White Rabbit before its release on April 02.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of XL Recordings.



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