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New Carlie Hanson Track is a Bop


In the world of pop music, there’s few artists with the snap that Carlie Hanson has. The sparkle in her voice matched with well placed hooks puts her sound above many within the genre. On her new stand alone single “Daze Inn,” Hanson adds a bit of psych tone to the mix to give you more ear candy in 2020.

The track starts with a trippy haze that mixes a hip hop tone with Hanson’s vocals. The pop tones that pull you in come from how the vocals intertwine with the music. Hanson seems to have it all figured out here before she drops a beat and takes things further. The video features Hanson with friends frolicking in a hotel room bathed in colorful outfits and flowers, making the experience that much more dazzling.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream on all platforms or to purchase in all digital outlets via Warner Records. 

Image Credits: Photo by Zhamak Fulla.



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