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Burger Boogaloo Moves to Halloween with Same Lineup


The Burger Boogaloo has become tradition for those who enjoy fine music. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve seen festivals drop off and just close up shop until next year. However the Burger crew isn’t about giving up so they’ve rescheduled the festival for Halloween weekend. While that’s not a difficult feat, getting the same lineup like they did is damn near impossible.

This year the festival is still set to be hosted by filmmaker and king of cool, John Waters. But it’s the lineup with Bikini Kill, Flipper and Plastic Bertrand to name a few, that’s so impressive. While all of these events are noteworthy, this lineup is one for the ages that shouldn’t disappoint.

The Burger Boogaloo will take place October 3 through November 01. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. Taking place at Mosswood Park in Oakland, CA, tickets range between $21 and $199.

Image Credits: Photo by Erika Reinsel.



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