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Anna Burch Offers Tranquility on If You’re Dreaming


When we first found the music of Michigan’s Anna Burch, we were amazed at how freeing it sounded. Burch has a natural ability to put you at ease whether it be with the indie rock tones of her first album or the more tranquil notes of her new album, If You’re Dreaming. With plenty of vocal strengths and core melodies, Burch proves she’s only getting stronger as an artist with this new release.

The two biggest takeaways here are how forward the songwriting is and how strong Burch’s vocals are. The opening track “Can’t Sleep” utilizes both to pull you close like a lover in the night. Burch still holds plenty of indie rock tones, but here the focus seems to be on moving into a more focused direction. Songs like “Jacket,” “Ask Me To” and “Every Feeling” really show off Burch’s new direction while giving you these heavenly vocals that never deter your head.

While the singles “Party’s Over” and “Not So Bad”offer up a more indie rock vibe, the real magic on this album comes from songs that steer away from that sound and go in a more singer songwriter direction. Of the twelve tracks, our favorites came with those that feel more intimate, most notably on “Every Feeling.” The way the song has an easy going pace mixed with the vocals as the delivery system that opens things up is sheer perfection. Here Burch has a more direct approach that places the music in your memory without bombarding you with tricks to get there. There’s a gentle hook and an organic feeling like she’s just singing into the air that proves that Anna Burch will still draw our attention in the easiest going way possible.

If You’re Dreaming is available to purchase physically on multiple formats and bundles directly from Polyvinyl Records. It can also be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital retailers. Anna Burch is scheduled to begin touring at Louisiana in Bristol. UK on May 06 until August 30 at Sleeping Village in Chicago, IL. Her complete tour dates are located here. Due to COVID-19, these dates are subject to change.

Image Credits: Photo by John Hanson.

David Garrick

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