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OHMME Drops New Single That’s Hard to Beat


The beauty of Chicago duo OHMME, is that  they do they  own thing without steering too far off the rails. Since their inception, the group has stood out in the best way while delivering intriguing sounds  along the way. With a new album Fantasize Your Ghost due in June, their new single and video”Ghost” displays how ahead of everyone their music is.

With a dark and almost synthesized tone, the track opens like a dark electronica tune. The dual vocals make for a nice touch,adding weight to the already heavy but catchy song. There are added synths that help keep things up, but while the video shows the group among a mysterious figure  the song has similar elements. Overall, it’s a catchy track that sticks without without being sugary pop.

The video can be  viewed above or on YouTube.  The single can be streamed on all platforms. Fantasize Your Ghost can be preordered directly from Joyful Noise Recordings ahead of its June 05 release. Ohmme is scheduled to begin touring on June 05 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA until October 18 at Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI. Their tour dates can be found here. Due to COVID-19,these dates are subject to change.

Image Credits: Photo by Ash Dye.



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