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The Creativity of Claire Morales Knows No Bounds


In music, being creative is key. That can be strewn across all settings of a music career, but it’s definitely  a needed ability in the modern music industry. While some artists have minimal amounts of creativity, Denton’s Claire Morales doesn’t have that issue. In a career that spans across multiple albums, Morales has shown that her creative side knows no bounds while utilizing it to further her music. That creativity was a key element in why we spoke to her for our podcast Self Released Songs.

Away from music, Morales does art direction for multiple artists and labels. She also does art direction for her own music. How an album’s layout appears, how her videos are to look and how her image is conveyed are all things she not only controls, but directs as well. She’s also an accomplished artist. Her cardboard sculptures alone will impress anyone who sees them, found all over her Instagram feed.

Musically her creativity comes through in each note. Whether it be her two albums with Daniel Markham, her collaborative release with Jenna Pyle or her own music, her sound is like so much while standing on its own. Her latest full length All That Wanting is a hearty mixture of emotion and rock tones that washes over you like warm air. Her live shows are just as engaging with an emotional heft that affects everyone in attendance. However you look at it, it’s Morales’ creativity that fuels her music and everything she touches.

You can purchase music directly from the Claire Morales web store or from Bandcamp. Her music is also available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase in all digital outlets. Claire Morales is currently finishing her upcoming album. You can stream her episode of Self Released Songs on all streaming sites or on this website. You can support it here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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