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Watch New Crowd-Sourced Video for New Washed Out Single


As we learn in the time of quarantine, many artists  are affected in more ways than one. Washed Out was set to make a music video in Italy when COVID-19 broke out. Not to be knocked out, Ernest Greene decided to engage his fans to create a beautiful video for their new song “Too Late” that wouldn’t have existed without our current state of affairs.

The video features shots from around the globe of fans enjoying time somewhere else. Like a collage of friendship and freedom, it’s a beautiful  and touching reminder of how many people can lend to creating something together. The song blends electronica with chillwave graces to create a sound that’s like upbeat ambiance. There’s a weight to the song between the structure and the way the vocals are mixed that’s stirring. The video is just the icing on the cake.

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. “Too Late” can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital outlets via Sub Pop Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Blair Greene.



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