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ADULT. Becomes More Introspective on New Album


When Detroit’s ADULT. began in 1998, who would have thought they’d get so many bands cop their sound. While that did happen with a whole slew of acts who pretend like they invented something, the duo has continuously marched on while reinventing themselves again and again. On their new full length Perception is/as/of Deception, they go more inwards while still having their origins intact. Like the bulk of their catalog, the end result is as stirring as it is ahead of the followers.


While the band takes electronics and their core into new spaces here, there’s also the sheen of punk that is hard to not hear. The opening track “We Look Between Each Other” sheds light on this sound. Between the deadpan vocals and the harsh beats, there is a tonal quality of rebellion and dissent. While he ascending tones of “Second Nature” offer a dark disco tone, and the distanced notes of “Why Always Why” will stir you, the strengths come from the band taking their dark electronica to new spaces.

“Total Total Damage” sounds like something from a cyber punk future that hasn’t begun just yet. “Controlled By” has the quiet intensity of an air raid if it were being played out underground while midnight vampires partied the night away. But as the band treads new territory, the best track comes at the end with “Untroubled Mind (Bring Me Back).” The mix of stuttered electronics that play as the beat has this pulsating tone makes for an intriguing and hypnotic tone. The vocals proclaim while the synths play low enough to just offer the segue. This is ADULT. at their best, mixing new notes with their initial offerings to become something new. But, they’ve always done that. It’s just heightened with this album

The album is available to purchase directly from Dais Records. It can be purchased digitally as well as streamed. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

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