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Mountain Time Drops Charming New Single


For a while now, we’ve known that Chris Simpson is more than just the lead singer and front man for the emo band Mineral. Over the years we’ve gotten to watch his chops as a singer songwriter grow while his output has been on a time scale of his choosing. With his new project Mountain Time, he’s proving real fast that he’s back and ready to go the extra mile. With a new album Music For Looking Animals coming in June, his new single “Empty Graves” showcases his more charming side with each note played.

The pacing of the song mixed with Simpson’s ability to sing to the listener makes it feel like you’re there while it’s being played. Between the melodic guitar and his vocals that sound like they’re coming from down the hall, Simpson holds your ears while pulling you closer. There’s an organic feel to the track while the words stay with you as soon as you hear them. The added strings add a heavenly tone to the song without deterring its intent in the process. As the song opens up, the mix between all of the instrumentation creates a blooming sound that’s hard not to swoon over.

The song is ready to stream above or on Soundcloud. Music For Looking Animals is ready to be preordered on a limited run vinyl directly from Spartan Records ahead of its June 26 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Cavasos.

David Garrick

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