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Stephen Malkmus Performs Solo Pavement Track


Back when Pavement was around, it was a rarity to catch singer Stephen Malkmus performing solo versions of their songs. Now under his more folk based solo record Traditional Techniques Malkmus is performing more and offering more solo works. Now from a couple of weeks prior to the new album being  released Malkmus recorded a solo version of the Pavement track “Spit On A Stranger” and it’s a must see for fans of the band.

The video has Malkmus joking around before launching into the song. While it still holds all of the makings that made the song so enjoyable, here there’s a bit more whimsy and magic. Malkmus feels more at ease here without the  confines of the band, while delivering  a sound that feels more personal than the original.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The Pavement catalog is available physically from Matador Records. Traditional Techniques is available to purchase digitally or to stream. It can also be purchased from Matador Records on multiple formats.

Image Credits: Photo by Samuel Gehrke.



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