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Run The Jewels Come Back with Both Mics Blazing


If there was no monetary system, perhaps it would look like the new video by Run The Jewels. The clip for the single “Ooh LA LA” has people burning money and acting wild. The upbeat song featuring Greg Nice & DJ Premier has plenty of surprises while the up bump plays out ahead of the duo’s upcoming album RTJ4.

The social commentary within the video is remarkable.Though filmed before COVID-19 lock down now we see how politician sees money as more important than lives. In many ways, the video reveals if that were reversed. The party of where we can be free  from all the evils of greed is a notion that seems enticing.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. Run The Jewels is selling limited edition “Wash The Jewels” T-Shirts to help their road crew. They can be purchased here.

Image Credits: Still Directed by Brian & Vanessa Beletic.



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