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New Days N Daze Album Releases Thrashgrass on the World


Bands that come from places without an industry presence can either fade away into the graffiti or go out and bust their tales to transcend their own space within it. Houston’s Days N Daze have never really followed anyone’s rules. Touring the globe and spreading acoustic based thrash music they affectionately call trashgrass, in a short time they’ve amassed a large fan base that tends to follow their every move. On their eighth album Show Me The Blueprints and their first for Fat Wreck Chords, they prove that doing things your own way can pay off in large amounts.

Typically when someone says there’s a band that blends folk, bluegrass thrash and ska, you may just let them know that’s not your bag. However with this band they do so like second nature while compromising nothing in-between. Opening with the dual vocals of “Flurry Rush,” the acoustic pickings and almost Appalachian tones hit your ears with ease rather than with contempt. The speed between the vocals and notes creates an endearing tone rather than something harsh. And that is essentially what this band seems to live by. The breakneck pace of “LibriYUM” or the down home vibes of “My Darling Dopamine” both give way to a sound that’s almost a mix of everything including the trickle of the kitchen sink. But where most bands have tried similar sounds without any success, it works here and it works well.

There’s a sincerity here where the band does their own thing and doesn’t seem to care who loves it and who hates it. The band sways between genres while still feeling sincere throughout it all. The happy-go-lucky sound of “Addvice” holds true with horns blazing and plucked strings abound, the punk infused attitude of “Show Me The Blueprints” reels from its hardcore leanings but never feels put on. Through all of this however the biggest stand out comes on “Goodbye Lulu Pt 2.” The album’s closer pulls from all of the genres the band mixes while still feeling like it’s coming from a space where we can all relate. The group vocals offer a sense of community, the fast paced playing reminds you of what bands that tour House of Blues locations wish they could play and the throw back notes take you back to a simpler time without feeling antiquated. While Days N Daze may appear to come from nowhere, they’ll be fine with or without your ears. The individualism and gut wrenching honesty of Show Me The Blueprints proves that.

Show Me The Blueprints is available physically for preorder directly from Fat Wreck Chords ahead of its May 01 release. The album can be presaved on all DSPs or preordered digitally from all online music shops. Days N Daze will be performing starting tonight when Whitney Flynn plays a solo set on Facebook/Instagram until December 18 in Houston, TX at Folkmas Fest 10. Their complete live music schedule is available here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Fat Wreck.

David Garrick

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