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New serpentwithfeet E.P. is Beautifully Dense


For a good while now, Brooklyn’s serpentwithfeet has given our ears more than enough musical candy. With those vocals that draw you near and a sound that’s on another level, there’s been nothing but great tones from the singer songwriter. On his new three song E.P. Apparition, the good keeps coming while his sound evolves more with each note.

While the run time isn’t even ten minutes, there’s a lot  here. The orchestral structure to the opener “A Comma”has so much weight that it’s staggering. The mixture of raw instrumentation and beats here offers R&B on a new level while showing the strength of the vocals by intertwining falsetto with the music to craft beautiful tones. While “This Hill” continues to spread stirring notes, the third and final track “Psychic” is a mixture of dark notes and heavy arrangements. Like future R&B, serpentwithfeet doesn’t hesitate to use his vocal prowess to help move the track along. There’s a magical tone here, like a love song that offers a more personal touch without any overbearing ideas. The intimacy here is where it all comes together, while serpentwithfeet changes the game more than anyone else in R&B right now.

Apparition is available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase digitally via Secretly Canadian.

Image Credits: Photo by Ash Kingston.



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