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Rose City Band Releases New Twang Filled Single


When it comes to modern psych, Ripley Johnson is a name well known. As half of the band Moon Duo and the leader of Wooden Shjips, Johnson has the ability to woo anyone with his off the mark sounds. Of course, with his new project Rose City Band, a lot of that is thrown out for a more country based tone. With a new album Summerlong earmarked for release in June physically and in a couple of weeks digitally, their new single “Real Long Gone” delivers down home tone.


The country twang that leaks through your speakers has a heartfelt and original feel. Like a mix of old school country and singer songwriter based honky tonk, the fast paced song has that Roger Miller feel without copying him in any way. In many ways the song plays out like a road weary tune that you blast on a weekend road trip, or during a long haul through the Rockies. Johnson offers soft vocals between the twang of the Telecaster while the drums stay in the back like great country tunes of the past.

The song can be streamed above or on Bandcamp. Summerlong is ready for preorder on multiple formats directly from Thrill Jockey Records before its June 19 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Jason Quigley.



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