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Lucy Dacus Covers Yo La Tengo for Album’s Reissue


For the past couple of years, Lucy Dacus has given music more great sounds than it may be able to handle. For the past twenty six years, Yo La Tengo has done the same. With the 25th anniversary reissue of the Yo La Tengo classic album Electr-o-pura coming soon, Dacus has covered the song “Tom Courtenay” with ease, while making it her own at the same time.

Dacus on guitar, playing without a backing band gives the song a new touch. Her wondrous vocals sitting backseat to nothing else, her honest take on the track mixed with her version let you hear the song in a whole new way. The swelling softness abounds and delivers the Yo La Tengo track to a new audience who may not have discovered its brilliance on their own.

The video can be streamed on YouTube or above. Electr-o-pura 25th anniversary edition is available for preorder directly from Matador Records on double vinyl ahead of its September 04 release date.

Image Credits: Photo Joey Wharton/Matador Records.



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