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Gordi Releases Stunning New Single


Australia’s Gordi definitely knows how to let her music do the talking. With her new album Our Two Skins being pushed back to a late June release, her new single “Volcanic” should not only turn some heads, it should ignite something in us all who get to experience it.

The song has Gordi again stirring our emotions with her delicate yet raw vocals. Mixing in with a few synths and an organ, her voice blends well between the sounds while occasionally peaking above the notes. There’s an honesty here that sheds plenty of light on the track’s intent. It’s beautifully crafted while sticking with you well after it plays. The video, featuring the artist outdoors paints the picture of solitude, ringing even more true during these current times.

The video is viewable above or on YouTube. Our Two Skins is ready for preorder directly from Jagjaguwar before its June 26 release. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Pitch Perfect.



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