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Mariachi El Bronx Releases Double Record on Cinco de Mayo


The Bronx are a band that when you catch them live, you feel like you’re in the midst of all of the chaos surrounding you. While their counterpart Mariachi El Bronx isn’t as fevered, their music feels like the soundtrack to a giant party in downtown Los Angeles. Yesterday the group shared a new double release of demos, rarities and even some new music. What you’ll find with Musica Muerta, Vol. 1 & 2 is that all you need is a group of friends to get things going.

Ten songs are unreleased. The lead single “Loteria” gets this collection started and doesn’t disappoint. Where Mariachi El Bronx has always shined is in how their music is constructed. Far and away from a punk band wearing outfits, here their strengths come through in each percussive note. Where “Mistress Misery” offers plenty of sunshine between the overly rhythm filled tones, “Leche” offers a more tender vibe mixed with Tropicalia that flows like a tropical drink during happy hour.

While Volume 2 is music you’ve more than likely heard, there’s definitely some gems here ready for your ears. While the demos have never been heard before and the live version of “Cell Mates” are all top notch, it’s the covers that take the cake on the second disc. The cover of the Bob Dylan song “Love Sick” is head and shoulders above what you’d expect and shows the band’s diversity. The same could be said about their cover of the Roy Orbison classic “Only The Lonely” and their version of The Byrds track “Christian Life.” But it’s the cover of the Prince song “I Would Die For You” that really shimmers and expands what this group can do.

Musica Muerta, Vol 1 & 2 are ready to stream on all streaming platforms or to purchase digitally in all online music stores. Special bundles and a limited edition gatefold vinyl can be purchased from White Drugs.

Image Credits: Photo by Morgen Schuler Photography.



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