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I Break Horses Delivers Revelatory New Full Length


The times you hear and album and you’re shocked by what you hear seem to be few and far between. In electronic music it seems that is even more difficult. While some would argue that the way we hear an electronic album has been done to death, there are a few bands that can still wow us from time to time. Sweden’s I Break Horses has always had that ability. On their new album Warnings they release an album that defies the loudness of current releases and goes a more traditional route. The end result is a study in letting vocals and instrumentation co-exist without over-amplifying the dynamics while leaving the listener with something that stands out in the best way possible.

What sets the album apart from what you’re used to hearing, is how delicately balanced it all is. The vocals dance above the synths and beats with a natural grace while the music plays out in an organic and natural ways. While the album is electro pop, gone are the overproduced hues and you’re left with just an honest tone. The opening track “Turn” flows through your speakers like gel oozing from a tube, though it’s the nineties production techniques that hold it in your ears. Without a blown out and over mixed sound, the song can just be and isn’t attempting to be a Summer banger.

In many ways, the entirety of the album is pop graced electronica over the traditional electro pop sound. Songs like “I’ll Be The Death of You” and “The Prophet” get bookmarked with the vocals layering between the notes rather than over amplifying them. “I Live At Night” has all of the trappings of a slow burned torch song, though it never really delves beyond the darkness it’s crafting and you’re left with just a blissful sound. However, between the pop nuance that is abound here, the best track on the album comes on “Death Engine.” The almost eight minute run time doesn’t drag on, as the clusters of synthesized notes and electrified beats take an ease in building the song up. The tracks feel like little wisps rather than clashing notes. Here the vocals breathe and feel like fresh air while the group extends far beyond the typical and sets themselves apart even more.

Warnings can be purchased on multiple formats from Bella Union. It’s available to stream or purchase digitally as well.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Bella Union.

David Garrick

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