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Buenos Diaz Continues His Work Ethic With or Without Quarantine


Anyone making their way in music should be found hard at work. The keys to success don’t come to you in music without hard work being one of the biggest factors. When you look around any state, you’re more than likely to find many musicians getting their music out via Facebook live-streams or through the same route on Instagram. While those methods are just fine, for some artists this time is great to drop new music in a more traditional way while continuing to record music for a time when we won’t be confined to our residences. Austin’s Buenos Diaz is one of the latter musicians. His work ethic is like few you’ll see and his sound is his own which were just a couple of reasons why we spoke to him for our podcast, Self Released Songs.

In a year that would cripple most acts, Nick Diaz seems to just roll with the punches. Ready for a SWSW year as an official artist again, those hopes were dashed when the long running festival was cancelled. But as an artist who adapts quickly, he was ready to tour again as the guitarist for Alejandro Escovedo. Then that tour was put to bed as were all tours. However through it all, Diaz just kept his head high and did what he does best, he kept writing and recording new music.

Born in Houston, Diaz has always been a guy who stood out musically. In the nineties, everyone was trying to become the next grunge star or they shielded themselves from the industry and started emo bands. Nick Diaz may have found inspiration in those spaces, but as soon as he could leave he was bound for New Orleans, New York City and San Francisco. His time in NYC was rewarded by playing in a punk band with a tour bus and everything before it all imploded. But again, he rose his head and started writing what would become his debut solo album The Love Balloon. Bookmarked with blues and rock undertones, the album was the beginning of a sound that’s all his own and laid the groundwork for what was to come.

His second album Urbanized New Wave Texican proved more noteworthy, garnering praise from all over for its sound that was like if Elvis Costello came up in El Paso. Between two more releases that expanded his sound further, Buenos Diaz and Gringo Novelas he was lucky enough to land a gig touring with Escovedo, and solidifying a relationship with the legendary artist. Alongside touring, recording with bigger names and building his own studio, many would see this era as an arrival. But he choose to go a new route in dropping single after single after single, the latest of which is above. In fact, while “The World Is Closed” has a video filmed during this era we’re living through, the song is more optimistic and rings true in the head’s up guise in which Buenos Diaz operates. Now with everyone’s future on hold, Diaz promises a new yet to be titled E.P. out this year and even as you read this he’s recording with the drummer from The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Some artists hang their heads during times like these. Nick Diaz uses it as a time to look forward to what’s next.

The entire discography by Buenos Diaz is available for purchase in all digital outlets including on Bandcamp. You can stream his music on all streaming platforms or watch his videos on YouTube. Episode 14 of Self Released Songs featuring Buenos Diaz is ready to stream and subscribe to on all podcast streaming platforms. You can also listen to episodes on this website or support the podcast at Anchor.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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