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Moses Sumney’s Latest Single is Pure Sorcery


Moses Sumney is an artist we all need to become familiar with. With his new album græ coming this Friday, the singer songwriter has an ability to wow everyone he performs in front of with his vocals alone. On his latest single “Bless Me (before you go)” those vocals are on full display and should make anyone who hears the song immediately say wow to themselves.

The way the vocals begin the song offers a warming yet hypnotic tone. Sumney hits highs and lows with his voice here while mixing with the soulful notes like it’s second nature. The music has hits of orchestral movements under traditional instrumentation embedding a soul sound that you may not be used to. However just like the video that has the look of being shot on an eighties VHS recorder, it’s just a good thing.

You can stream the video on YouTube or above. The song is streaming on all streaming sites as well. græ is ready for preorder on multiple formats directly from Jagjaguwar ahead of its release on May 15.

Image Credits: Photo by Eric Gyamfi.



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