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The Sour Notes Leak Acoustic Version of “Small Hints”


Some bands never get into an album cycle, because in many ways it doesn’t seem to really exist anymore. In our current times, some bands release singles and other release full length albums. And while it seems that Austin’s The Sour Notes are essentially doing both with their current string of seven inches, their music goes beyond any “rules” of the industry. Recently the band’s guitarist and singer Jared Boulanger found himself alone in the band’s rehearsal space, and he recorded an acoustic version of their song “Small Hints.” What transpires is indie rock gold that goes far beyond what you may be expecting.

While the original version is also lead by an acoustic, here the tone is more reverberated and almost orchestral. The tone of the guitar and effects mix with perfect balance between Boulanger’s vocals. While the song has tender moments, here it rings a bit more personal while offering up the track in a new and updated way. It works and works well as the band continues to offer music up that has no equal.

The video of the performance can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song comes from the band’s full length album Darkest Sour. That album as well as a limited run of seven inch singles and the band’s whole discography can be purchased on Bandcamp or in all digital music retailers.

Image Credits: Still Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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