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Chelsea Wolfe & Jess Gowrie Team Up on New Project Mrs. Piss


No matter what, Chelsea Wolfe has always offered a tone that’s a bit off of center. Whether it be with her solo works or projects she embarks upon, the darkness within her music always prevails. On her new project with her drummer Jess Gowrie Mrs. Piss, that darkness comes through and through. With a new debut album Self-Surgery coming at the end of this month, the group has shared two new singles that will get your blood pumping for sure.

On the track “Knelt” the duo offers up that haze of darkness. With a grunge fueled tone, and squeals from the amplifiers, the song has such an ominous feel that it’ll leave you reeling. In line with what you’d expect from Wolfe, there’s touches of metal here that embody what made Seattle great before the music industry ruined it looking for hit makers.

On “Downer Surrounded By Uppers,” the band makes use of a snappy pace and distorted guitars that lead the punchy drums. There’s a nice distanced feel in how the vocals are mixed, making the quick song much more memorable. The haunting ways in which the vocals have an almost tattered and weary touch delivers the song with the dark notes you want.

The videos can be streamed above and the songs can be streamed on all streaming sites. Self-Surgery is available to be presaved or preordered via Sargent House, or through Bandcamp before its May 29 release.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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