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Jess Williamson Delivers Southern Charm on Sorceress


There’s a really great chance that you have no idea where Flower Mound rests in Texas. In fact, many within the Lone Star state would have trouble finding the Dallas area town on a map. However if you visit the small burb, you’ll find the people to be folksy and kind and almost always ready to lend a hand whenever needed. While Jess Williamson may reside in Los Angeles now, the southern themes and folksy demeanor of her years growing up in Flower Mound are all over her gorgeous new album Sorceress. Between the well placed notes and dreamy arrangements are these little ticks that only come from the South, and it helps her sound feel more rounded out because of them

The opening track”Smoke”is a great example of said charm. Between acoustic picking and Williamson’s endearing vocals, the song has the sway of a southern breeze. Charming and full of melody, the track opens your ears to what you’ll soon find as one of the prettiest releases of 2020 so far. Following up, the lush moments of “As The Birds Are” reveals a perfectly blend of vocals , guitar and piano. As the drums snap in the background, Williamson takes you on a ride that washes over you like a wonderful memory while leading you further into her world filled with orchestral movements and backing vocals that would make any sixties doo wop group proud.

While the title track has just about as beautiful of an opening that singer songwriter music can have, Williamson lets her vocals take center stage among the plucked strings and synthesized notes. Songs like “How Ya Lonesome” and “Ponies In Town” have touches of happiness among their organic and in the moment feel. Where tracks like “Infinite Scroll” with its seventies AM radio gaze and “Gulf Of Mexico” with its tones that remind you of how songs were once written. But even as the album still sounds current and modern, the best song comes with “Love’s Not Hard To Find.” or starters, the thick notes of the piano balance out the higher pitch of Williamson’s voice here perfectly. The guitar has just enough tremolo to seep in like smoke from a neighboring fire, and the rich melodies between all of the instruments offer up a sound that’s like no one else. The honest sound that occurs between Williamson’s far ranging vocals and the melodious notes give way to a song that could be categorized as a breakup song, but its orchestrated and arranged timbre make it too damn strong to get pigeon holed that way. Sometimes good is just good, and all of Sorceress is just really good.

Sorceress is available in physical formats directly from Mexican Summer. It’s also ready to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase digitally wherever you download music.

Image Credits: Photo by Kathryn Vetter Miller.

David Garrick

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