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Charli XCX Outdoes Herself on New Album


For the last couple of years, like most places that discuss modern music, we’ve had our eyes and ear on Charli XCX. Her release with SOPHIE alone showed the world how forward her music could be. Even in today’s modern pop climate, her work is head and shoulders above what most pop acts are up to. With her new full length how i’m feeling now she proves she can’t slow down while in the midst of being a powerful force in modern sounds.

Opening with the dark pop banger “pink diamond” she immediately grabs your attention. The nuance between pop laden club beats and her distanced vocals have that computer music edge while the stride of the track never slows. The whole album is a mix of club bangers and tender moments, encapsulating her past, present and future sounds in one space. Where the opener is quick and speedy, “forever” takes its time to roll out. The soft love track has the markings of the prior tracks while she delivers pop bliss among the harsh synths.

But where the first two songs lay the groundwork, XCX delivers throughout. “7 years” feels personal and honest, “enemy” strolls along with soft vocals underneath synthesized notes and “I finally understand” sounds like it could be a club mix it’s so catchy and boppy. The production of the album is what really sticks with you. “claws” and “anthems” both have a mix of club and rave sounds that offer up what the singer songwriter has been trying to get out for a minute. The entire album has an immediacy that comes on the harshest or the slowest tracks, thus setting her more apart from the rest of the pop world. The catchy structures and dark tones show that Charli XCX is still on another level, and the album is just another example of that.

how i’m feeling now is ready to stream on all streaming services. It can be purchased digitally or directly from Atlantic Records in multiple formats and bundles.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records.

David Garrick

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