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Experience The Death Pop of VOWWS


Thee’s a good chance that you’ve never heard the death pop sounds of Australian born and Los Angeles transplanted duo VOWWS. For a while now they’ve been releasing music that stands on its own. On their new single “Impulse Control” they extend the bounds of their dark sound while the video has a dystopian feel that reveals our current climate.

The synth meets harsh tones offer a sound that’s really their own. With the beats and the darkwave synths, the vocals have a brooding nature that pairs well with their sound. The droning nature of the song has an end of times feel while the video showcases just how bleak the world can look, even in 2020.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The single can be streamed wherever you stream music or purchased digitally in all online music retailers.

Image Credits: Photo by Eric Fain.



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