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Deradoorian Announces New Label, New Single & Upcoming Full Length


Many times experimental music and solo endeavors come together to create something wonderful. While it’snot always the case, it is what happens with the music of Deradoorian. While she was a member of Dirty Projectors, her solo work has proven to be something far and away different while invigorating as well. Now on Anti Records she’s announced a new album Find The Sun due in September. The first single “It Was Me” and its video should give you a glimpse into one of the most creative artists out in music today.

The sonic palette Deradoorian creates is on its own plane. Mixing hypnotic vocals and multiple percussive strokes, the guitar feels secondary wile it paces the track along. The expanse of sound and almost no sound out all force the track to stand out and have its own life. There’s a subtle note of indie folk in there, though the overall sound almost has no genre. The black and white animated video displays the expansive notes in the best way possible as well.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is available to stream on all streaming sites. Find The Sun is ready to be preordered on multiple formats directly from Anti Records ahead of its September 18 street date.

Image Credits: Photo by Sean Stout.



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