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James Krivchenia of Big Thief Shares New Songs Off Upcoming Album


In the past calendar year, Big Thief has shown many what prolific means through a steady stream of releases. While their drummer isn’t a household name outside of the band, James Krivchenia definitely has his own voice. With a new solo album titled A New Found Relaxation coming in June, his first three singles offer calming tones from someone who beats an instrument for a living.

There’s a very spacey feel to these tracks. Where “Temptation Reduced” has sweeping tones that sway like they’re balanced on a string, there’s also a calming demeanor to the tracks. “The Eternal Spectator” shows a blister of dark notes and experimentation that slowly builds to a tone that sticks with you. Like soundscapes from a film, the music seems have more layers each time you hear it. The hypnotic dissonance of “Touched By An Angel” is just as revealing, showing the note and arrangement experimentation that you may not expect. With varying sounds that feel found, the way its all arranged will wash over you.

All three singles can be streamed above or on YouTube. A New Found Relaxation is available to be preordered here ahead of its June 26 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Buck Meek.



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