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New Tenci Single is Folksy & Refreshing


Under the name Tenci, we’ve found that Chicago’s Jess Shoman has a unique register that makes us swoon over her music. Coupling folk and indie tones with ease, her new single “Forgot My Horse’s Name” should warm your heart. While the video is just as endearing, they both come from her upcoming album My Heart Is An Open Field, which we’re very excited for.

Musically, the song has all of the folksy appeal and charming notes of her previous singles. However her vocals are the signifier here, steering you through the weave on sounds she makes while her voice dos all of the navigation. There’s an honesty that delivers tones that feel like you’re right there while the song plays out. The video featuring Shoman riding a horse and gazing while laying in the field of a working farm fits perfectly with the southern sound of the song.

Watch the video above and take in its tender sound. Stream the single on all streaming platforms. Preorder My Heart Is An Open Field on multiple formats directly from Keeled Scales before its June 05 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Ashleigh Dye.



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