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Phoebe Bridgers Reveals New Single & Announces Live-Stream Tour


Right now music is going through an intriguing and difficult time. Albums that were set for release this year are coming out and promoting them behind a tour is fairly nonexistent at least for now. While we know that Phoebe Bridgers is a creative songwriter and producer, her new idea for a tour supporting Punisher is pretty creative. Touring her home via live-stream, is something else entirely. With her new single “I See You,” she proves that her creative side musically is just as inventive.

With an ultra-catchy opening that carries symphonic notes, Bridgers’ vocals come in with a piano and take hold of your senses. The doubled vocals offer a powerful note before going to a more personal singular style. The mix of the strings and drums that back her voice give the song more weight without deterring from the intent. The hook is also hard to deny as Phoebe Bridgers proves she can still mystify us. The lyric video visualizes the music in a simple but classic way.

The lyric video can be streamed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream on all platforms. Punisher is ready for preorder on multiple formats and in various bundles directly from Dead Oceans. Phoebe Bridgers is set to perform in her kitchen on May 26 and in various other spots around her home until June 04. Her complete schedule is available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Olaf Grind.

David Garrick

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