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ARCA Announces New Album & Unleashes New Single


For a while now, we’ve had no problems stating our adoration for Venezuela’s ARCA. The producer and artist releases some of the most forward music out there while also performing innovative live sets. With the announcement of her new album KiCK i due in late June, her new single “Time” and its video should check all of the boxes for fans and casual listeners of her music.

The dance heavy beat and the way the track opens makes the song one of the more accessible of the producer’s recently released material. The song has a real upbeat pace while the vocals come in like a haunting memory. With the treatment on them, they sound all woozy and atmospheric. The video featuring the producer talking to the devil and riding a bull alongside its sexual themes, fits with the open ended touches of the track.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. The single can be streamed on all streaming sites. KiCK i is ready for preorder in multiple formats directly from XL Recordings before its June 26 release date.

Image Credits: Cover Image by Carlota Guerrero, Carlos Saez and Arca.



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