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Jeff Rosenstock Drops Surprise New Album


The one thing that Jeff Rosenstock and Beyonce have in common is their ability to surprise drop an album and everyone take notice. Of course, Rosenstock isn’t as globally large but if you attend one of his shows then it at least seems that way. On his new surprise full length NO DREAM, Rosenstock keeps the hooks and the indie rock jams coming across thirteen tracks and a forty plus minute run time.

Opening with the snappy and almost pop punk tone of “NO TIME,” Rosenstock wastes no time in getting things going. The under a minute track bleeds into “Nikes (Alt)” where the rock keeps coming and things switch time signatures with ease. Rosenstock has started a couple of albums with this method and there’s a good reason for it-it works well. While the guitarist returns to that fuzzed out tone on “Leave It In The Sun” and on “Monday At The Beach” the true sorcery of the album is his experimenting with new territory.

The first instance comes on “Scram!” where he takes a more ska based stride and plays between a synthesized beat and a bass before steering back to the fuzzy tones. He segues between the two within the song while often flanked by group vocals, but it’s a definite refreshing thing to hear the new techniques. Where “NODREAM” delivers on the slow build and vocals that sound like they’re recorded from a radio down the hall, “State Line” and “The Beauty of Breathing” both contain new starting points for the raucous sounds. In many ways this is another feel good release in a time where few have anything to feel good about. Luckily for those of us who like Jeff Rosenstock, he reminds us of better times past of ahead.

NO DREAM is ready to stream wherever you stream music or to purchase digitally wherever you download it. It’s also available for preorder on multiple formats and in multiple bundles from Polyvinyl Records ahead of its July 24 drop.

Image Credits: Photo by Christine Mackie.

David Garrick

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