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Carly Rae Jepsen Releases Companion Album Full of Bops


Canada’s Carly Rae Jepsen has had no issues delivering pure pop bliss over the years. Catching Jepsen in concert, you find that she can captivate an audience in person as well as on an album. With her new release Dedicated Side B, she delivers an album full of bangers while coming full circle on the companion release to Dedicated.

What won’t be a shock is that the album is full of sugary sweet toned tracks. While that’s been the singer’s bread and butter for a while, it’s pop music and essentially where most of the genre resides. However between the opening dance pop tone of “This Love Isn’t Crazy” to the final notes of “Now I Don’t Hate California After All,” you’ll notice more depth than the typical pop release. While the production is on point and Jepsen’s vocals sound as fresh as ever, there’s a lot to the release to like.

The catchy nature of tracks like “Window” and “Stay Away” both give way to the upbeat bangers that the genre needs more of. The chill touches of “Felt This Way” and “Heartbeat” show that Jepsen can still deliver tender love songs like it’s what she’s known for. But between all of this, the best song of the release comes with “Come Back” with Bleachers. The mix of saccharine sweet pop and electro-pop tears away much of the R&B induced tones of the album and leads you to a real dance pop track that you can get down to. The slow build with Jepsen singing in a relaxed tone against eighties synths is magical while the chorus gives you plenty to dance all night to.

Dedicated Side B is ready to stream wherever you stream music. It can be purchased in all digital outlets or in bundles and physical formats from Interscope Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Natalie O'Moore.

David Garrick

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