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New Album by Katie Von Schleicher is a Cinematic Beauty


Brooklyn’s Katie Von Schleicher is no stranger to releasing beautiful material. While much of her previous output was a bit more lo-fi, her new full length Consummation proves she can step things up. Full of lush arrangements and tones that sparkle off of one another, we think it’s an album everyone can enjoy.

If opening tracks can be any signifier, then the opener here “You Remind Me” should give you an idea of what you’re in for. The subtle tones that fall underneath her soft timbre give way to elemental notes that shape and bend what devotional music can be. While the following track “Wheel”has plenty of pop graces that touch upon the song, the pop nuance on “Caged Sleep” is where the gold is buried. The mix of synthetic instrumentation that blends with the earnest tone of Von Schleicher’s voice lends itself to an expansive sound.

The electronica of “Messenger” gives you plenty of dark vibes that get whisps of the vocals in a haunting yet peaceful manner. The lullaby stride of “Strangest Thing” stays with you even after one listen. And “Hammer” evokes nineties structures to deliver a song that’s powerful and catchy at the same time. But between all of these ellipses of sound, our favorite song came on “Brutality.” The hypnotic gaze that opens the song is balanced between a brooding organ and these pierces of guitar that remarkably don’t deter you from the tender vocals. When things tick up in power, Von Schleicher still keeps her haunting color in tact while winning you over with each carefully placed note.

The album is ready for purchase on multiple formats directly from Ba Da Bing. It can also be purchased in all digital outlets or streamed on all streaming sites.

Image Credits: Photo by Annie Del Hierro.



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