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Joyce Manor Announce New Album & Share Lead Single


California’s Joyce Manor had a pretty lengthy start before becoming household names. The band, now touring heavily and getting bigger by the minute is readying a new release that looks back on those earlier and leaner years in the group’s history. With Songs From Northern Torrance, they’ll deliver fans ten tracks from their early days that most fans haven’t heard. Back when they were a humbled two piece, the album covers 2008 to 2010 and their first single “House Warming Party” should let you realize how humble they were.

While the video looks like it was shot on a camcorder in the days of VHS tapes, the song shows the sincerity of the band in their younger years. The acoustic and the drums blend well together while the vocals work in that setting. While te recording is lo-fi and the vocals don’t sound mixed, the short run time lends itself to an endearing sound.

The video is ready to watch above. The song is ready to stream wherever you stream music. Songs From Northern Torrance is ready for preorder from Epitaph Records. It’s available on multiple formats before its September 18 release date. It will be ready digitally on May 29.

Image Credits: Photo by Elena De Soto.



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