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Fall For The Sumptuous New Katy Kirby Single


Sometimes music can hold duality that contains more than what you think it is. While we were introduced to the music of Katy Kirby by a friend, we can say that her sound is far and away from just another indie folk act. On her new single “Tap Twice” she begins with gentle folk leanings before steering her ship indie soft blended indie rock tones. Combine that with her stellar vocals and you have a winning combination that pays off in strides each time you hear it.


With her tender voice opening the song, there’s hints in that the track could be folky in the guise of singer songwriter type music. Kirby has an ability to keep spirits high as she masks what’s to come in the arrangements. Between the acoustic and the vocals, the song begins with plenty of beautiful tones, pulling you close like the track is a secret you have to hear more of. As the song opens up, the instrumentation gets heartier and things turn to a more indie rock approach, revealing the beauty to how it’s all orchestrated. Alongside a catchy chorus, the song shows that good songwriting still exists and sometimes genre mixing can lend itself to something magical.

“Tap Twice” is available to stream on all platforms. The song is also ready to purchase digitally via Keeled Scales wherever you download music.

Image Credits: Photo by Hunt Pennington.



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