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New Skullcrusher Single is Entrancing & Emotionally Gorgeous


Last month we happily shared the music of Helen Ballentine, aka Skullcrusher. The new artist to grace the Secretly Canadian family revealed a sound that hit perfectly in a time of uncertainty. Now as states begin to reopen, even if it may be too early for that, she’s released a new single and video. With “Day of Show” off her upcoming self-titled E.P., the artist delivers more amber toned goodness in the wake of plenty of darkness.

The synths that help open the song seem to disappear against the acoustic guitar and Ballentine’s vocals. The dreamy gaze of how the song unfolds has the ability to draw your attention before the vocals and the hazy notes wash over you like a freeing moment. The magical tone of the song is bright while the dual vocals and extra instrumentation that come in really give way to an even sunnier sound. The end result is a song that you can revel in as it plays out. The video featuring Ballentine in woozy images strolling through nature is just about what the song lends itself to.

Watch and experience the video for “Day of Show” above or stream the track on all platforms. Preorder Skullcrusher directly from Secretly Canadian before its June 26 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Silken Weinberg.

David Garrick

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