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Get This New Ohmme Single & Video Into Your Life


Chicago’s Ohmme is on the cusp of something great with their upcoming album Fantasize Your Ghost. While the album is due in the opening of June, the band has another great single “The Limit” out now. While the song was made well before the pandemic hit, the video was made in quarantine with a green screen, proving the duo can’t be stopped even in times like these.

There’s a bit of jangle in the song that rings and stays with you after the song plays. The vocals hop and bounce between the instruments while also cultivating together when the duo sings in tandem. Between the dual vocals, the guitar and drums stand out just a hint below in the music to create a sound that’s like no one else. The video features the band playing within and a top stick footage playing out like a creative PSA that you wished you saw more often.

The video is ready to watch above while the song is ready to stream on all streaming sites. Fantasize Your Ghost is ready for preorder on various formats from Joyful Noise Recordings before its June 05 drop. Ohmme is scheduled to begin touring on August 08 at Avrom Farm Party in Ripon, WI until January 22 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA. Their tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Ash Dye.



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