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New Mountain Time Single Offers Lush Sounds


For many years Chris Simpson of emo group Mineral has had an outlet for his solo material. While the names have changed over the years as has the style, his solo work has remained intriguing and engaging. For his latest project Mountain Time, he feels more focused while the music remains soulful and personal. With his new album Music For Looking Animals coming in late June, his latest single “Lady Of The Radiator” continues to deliver his heartfelt sound.

The hallmark of these Mountain Time tracks is the earnest delivery in Simpson’s voice. Here he opens with a mix of piano and a beat with his vocals intertwined within the mix. It offers an open ended delivery system, where the words and the music are immediate. While there’s plenty of orchestrated instruments to help move the song along, his falsetto vocals and his organic hooks make the song feel more intimate. In many ways the song sounds like a tale told for years now being offered to a whole new group of listeners who will relate it to others in the future.

“Lady Of The Radiator” is available to stream above. Music For Looking Animals is available to preorder on multiple formats including a quickly selling vinyl from Spartan Records before its June 26 street date.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Cavazos.



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