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The Flaming Lips Unleash New Single & Video


For decades The Flaming Lips have dazzled us with their reinvention and their different take on what modern music can sound like. While staying ahead of many and experimenting on the regular, the band always sounds fresh no matter what they’re doing. With their first new song of 2020 “Flowers of Neptune 6,” the band continues to defy time while the video has plenty of messaging on its own.

The song opens with a dreary tone while spacey notes sway underneath. The vocals sound like they’re coming from a memory, while the song takes its time opening up. As extra instruments roll in, Wayne Coyne adds more heft to his vocals and things become grader and more bombastic. The band seems to be firing on all cylinders here, showing they can still evolve this far into their career. The video shows Coyne wrapped in an American flag. Where walking in a bubble or not, the fire that rages around him seems to tell a story we can all relate to.

You’re more than welcome to watch the video above all that you’d like. You could even stream the song on all streaming platforms or purchase it in all digital music stores via Warner Records.

Image Credits: Photo by George Salisbury.



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